PIONEER brand RS485 communication type digital pressure gauge

PIONEER brand RS485 communication type digital pressure gauge

Model No.︰P-ZE40AS-RS

Brand Name︰PIONEER

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 236 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

~(I) technical parameters:

Model: P-Z40AS-100K-RS

Name: remote digital display pressure gauge

Table size: 100 mm (4 inch)

Range: 0~10KPa (range can be customized)

Material: stainless steel case SUS304, sensor measurement SUS316L

Power supply voltage: 24V (DC)

Communication signal: RS485

Installation mode: radial

Interface thread: 1/2pt or customized

Accuracy: 0.25% f.s.


(ii) product profile:

Remote digital pressure gauge is a kind of field instruments, it can be in situ indicating pressure workshop, facilitate field work inspection, and the measured value in order to transmit the electric signal way to remote from the measurement of secondary instrument, in order to realize the concentrated check and remote control. It consists of pressure sensor, signal processing, data display, data transmission, the four parts, it through the pressure sensor of piezoelectric conversion, the stress value converted into electricity quantity, after signal processing by the display terminal show the pressure value is displayed in digital way, and after the turn signal output into a standard signal, can be a digital signal, but also analog signals, such as via RS485 Signal or 4~20mA,0~20mA analog signal.

PIONEER remote digital pressure gauge using imported high quality pressure sensor chip, high precision and high stability performance to meet the different needs of customers, the instrument through strict precision and linear temperature compensation, adopting modular CPU signal processing, after transformation microcontroller, can real-time display the pressure value and output standard far eastone signal. Pyle resistance instrument co., LTD., the production of remote digital pressure gauge using integrated design, installation is convenient , simple maintenance, high measuring accuracy, and no mechanical wear, is the preferred instrument for precision measurement control, can complement the traditional mechanical pressure gauge in measuring accuracy and control sensitivity and service life.

Remote digital display pressure gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, environmental protection, automatic water supply, residential secondary water supply and other fields of all kinds of gas, liquid pressure measurement control, can also be used for sealing leakage measurement equipment, is the ideal intelligent industrial field measurement and control instrument.


(iii) product features:

1, four LED display, direct reading, clear display.

2, small temperature drift, good stability: temperature drift ≤0.005 (%FS/℃) stability (0.2%FS/ year)

3. Anti-electromagnetic interference design, suitable for harsh service environment.

4. Multiple remote signals are available for remote transmission (4~20mA, 0~5V or 0~10V, RS485 or RS232).

5, high precision :≤0.1%FS (analog signal) /≤0.5 (digital signal).

6, high corrosion resistance, use SUS316L material or ceramic diaphragm, wider application range.

7. Signal processing of pressure overload and current limit.

8. Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof.