Pressure gauge with electric contact

Pressure gauge with electric contact

Model No.︰P-E40AS-100G

Brand Name︰PIONEER

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

Unit Price︰US $ 113 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Mode of Operation
*The snap-action contact is mechanical contact for switching capacities up to 30W 50VA making will
be delayed and advanced in relation to the movement of the actual value pointer.
*To close the circuit. The contact pin of the movable contact arm is attracted in a jump by the permanent magnet
fastened to the supporting arm shortly before the set value has been reached. Due to the retention force of the
magnet. Snap acting contacts are more resistant against shock and vibration. The switching safety is increased by
the increased contact pressure.
*When the circuit is opened. The magnet keeps the contact arm in its place until the restoring force of the measuring
element exceeds the magnetic force. And the contact opens in a jump. This sudden way of switching reduces the
formation of a light arc between the contact pins and in this way allows for an increased switching performance.
*In comparison with contact rivets, contact pins have a smaller contact area and need a lower compression which
has less possibilities producing sparking contacts than contact rivets.
*The non-wearing jewel bearing, consisting of a stainless steel shaft and two axially arranged synthetic rubies, is an
easy-running. Electrically insulating bearing which can resist against aggressive media and guarantees optimum safety
even under extreme conditions of applications.
*The design of common wire on the terminal of the contact device protects the contact device itself From being
short and electric current leaking and provides long tasting operations as well.
*Germany contact device with two or more contacts can switched simultaneously within to mm setup range between
setup points.
*The specifications of electric current and voltage of Germany contact device are stable and available on PLC DC
24V without any modifications or adjustments.

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