Remote digital pressure gauges for small outer plastic shells

Remote digital pressure gauges for small outer plastic shells

Model No.︰PDY-GN25A

Brand Name︰PIONEER

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 166 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

(1) product technical parameters

Model: PDY - GN25

Product name: small shape plastic shell remote digital display pressure gauge

Table size: 63 mm (2.5 inch)

Range: 0~3bar (range can be customized)

Material: PP corrosion resistant shell, joint copper alloy

Power voltage: 24V (DC)

Output signal: 4-20ma

Installation: radial

Interface thread: 1/4 pt or as required

Precision grade: 0.25%F.S.


(2) product introduction

PDY - GN25 small shape molded case remote digital pressure gauge, it USES the import high quality pressure sensor chip, high precision and high stability, long life to meet the different needs of customers, the instrument through strict precision and linear temperature compensation, adopting modular CPU signal processing, through single chip microcomputer conversion, real-time display pressure numerical standard remote transmission signal and output. The instrument adopts integrated design, convenient installation, simple maintenance, high measurement precision and no mechanical wear. It is the preferred instrument for precision measurement and control, which can supplement the deficiency of traditional mechanical pressure gauges in measurement precision, sensitivity and service life. Small shape plastic shell digital pressure gauge, using anti - corrosion PP material as the case, can resist acid and alkali corrosion. The appearance of the instrument bright and unique, small size, the majority of users love.

This instrument is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, environmental protection, automatic water supply, and secondary water supply of various gases and liquids.


(3) product features

1. Various materials and numerous choices.

2. Carefully designed bright appearance, so that the use of equipment display value.

3. Economic price. Make your cost more competitive.

4. Flexible installation, easy to disassemble.

5. Various pressure ranges can better meet the requirements of customers.

6, 4-bit LED display, intuitive reading, clear display.

7, good stability, temperature drift stability of 0.005 FS / ℃ (%) or less (0.2% FS/year).

8. Anti-electromagnetic interference design, suitable for harsh use environment.

9. Optional analog signal output for remote transmission.

10. High precision: less than 0.1%FS(analog signal)/ less than 0.5(digital display signal).

11. Optional rs232/485 communication interface.

12. Pressure overload and current limiting signal processing.

13. Ben 'an explosion-proof.