DONG GUAN PIONEER INSTRUMENT CO., LTD invested by TAIWAN which was established in 1998, is specialized in producing accurate utility gauges. In the past years, PIONEER has kept importing advanced equipment and technology, recruiting experts, and learning administration from foreign countries. All these efforts have made PIONEER a leading company and exporting-base in China. With all the advanced equipments and experts, she can provide the world wide customers with moue than 300000 gauge annually. PIONEER has got the certification of ISO9000 and UL.
Quality is the key factor to the success of an enterprise. Well aware of this, PIONEER takes strict control on every aspect of the procedure, from raw material purchasing, designing, assembly, testing, and packing. So every product from PIONEER is a kind of satisfaction to the customer.
PIONEER’S efforts have been accepted by more and more customers. Now she has customers all over the world, such as US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, HK, etc.
We have made some achievement already, but that is not enough. In the coming days we will continue strengthening our modern management as well as emphasizing technology-innovate, so as to broaden both domestic and foreign markets. PIONEER sincerely hopes to serve you in the coming day. 


1. Mechanical type pressure gauge and Pressure gauging peripheral fitting genus:
Micro barometer 、Low pressure gauge (Low pressure capsule gauge )、With low pressure gauge 、Pressure gauge with electrical contact 、Stainless steel pressure gauge 、Liquid filled pressure gauge 、Combined pressure gauge、 Normal pressure gauge 、Special pressure gauge、 Freon pressure gauge 、Oxygen-acetylene pressure gauge 、Rough vacuum pressure gauge 、Diaphragm seal pressure gauge 、PP diaphragm seal pressure gauge 、Explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge 、Minitype pressure gauge(1inch)、Accurate pressure gauge 、Test pressure gauges 、Medical pressure gauge、 And so on. We also have pressure gauge switch 、Pressure separator tube 、Pressure gauge radiator 、Pressure controller 、Double-metal thermometer all the products can meet both national and international standard, such as China GB1226-2000 and US ASME B40.1 standard.
2. Pressure, Temperature sensor and transducer genus:
Relative pressure ,Absolute pressure, Differential pressure, Negative pressure Diaphragm seal Oil-filled pressure sensor core body 、Pressure sensor 、Currency type pressure transducer 、Intelligent pressure transducer 、High precision digital pressure transducer 、High temperature digital industry pressure transducer 、Even membrane pressure transducer 、Intelligent in miniature pressure transducer 、Digital intelligent in miniature pressure transducer 、Digital pressure gauge 、Long-distance transmission digital pressure gauge 、Medical digital pressure gauge 、Pointer type industry pressure transducer 、Electric capacity type pressure transducer 、Differential pressure type pressure transducer 、 Anticorrosion explosion-proof type pressure transducer 、Digital pressure controller 、Digital differential pressure controller 、Digital pressure gauge with electrical contact 、Digital diaphragm seal pressure gauge 、In miniature digital pressure gauge 、Digital slight pressure gauge 、Portable digital atmosphere barometer 、Temperature sensor 、Temperature transducer 、Digital temperature transducer (Digital thermometer ) 、Digital temperature controls 、Explosion-proof type temperature transducer and so on.
Address : Huang Jiang , Dong guan City,Guang Dong Province, P. R. China
Zip/Postal code : 523757
Contact Person : DORIS +86 139 1807 5730
TEL: +86 769 8360 5780   FAX: +86 769 3682 9390
E-Mail: dgpioneer 

  • Yongchang Street on the 5th, YuanWuWei village, Huang Jiang town , Dong guan City, Guang Dong Province, P. R. China
  • 523756
  • 86-769-83605780
  • 86-769-83629390
  • KEAN (Mgr.)
  • 00-86-13925819790
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