Digital electric contact pressure gauge

Digital electric contact pressure gauge

Model No.︰P-ZE40AS-501I

Brand Name︰PIONEER

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 242 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Product name: digital electric contact pressure gauge

Product model: p-ze40as-501i

Head diameter: 4Inch(100mm)

Pressure range: 0~500PSI (range can be customized: 0~60Pa... 150 mpa)

Display mode: 4 LED resolution: 0.1PSI

Main material: shell: SUS304, connector and liquid part SUS316L

Contact switch: upper or lower limit (depending on the connection)

Relay load: 30V/5A(DC),240V/3A(AC)

Medium temperature: - 20 ~ 85 ℃

Output signal: 4~20mA

Power supply voltage: +12V~36V (standard 24VDC)

Accuracy grade: 0.3%f.s.

Installation method: radial

Joint screws: g1/2 or 1/2pt (threaded can be customized)



Digital electric contact pressure gauge Also known as digital pressure controller or pressure relay, it can set and control function, upper and lower interval can be set within the small spacing, alarm can be set time delay, is the first choice for precision measuring control instrument, can complement the traditional mechanical electric contact pressure gauge in measurement accuracy and control the lack of sensitivity and service life.

Pyle resistant to production of the digital electric contact pressure gauge adopts imported high quality pressure sensor chip, high precision and high stability performance to meet the different needs of customers. The temperature of the instrument through strict precision and linear compensation, adopting modular CPU signal processing, the standard of 4 ~ 20 ma output signals, and set control, the control points can be set freely, which can realize to test the medium pressure, display and output, alarm, the purpose of the control and data transmission, can replace the ordinary mechanical electric contact pressure gauge, pressure transmitter and traditions are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, environmental protection, automatic water supply, the village for a variety of gas in the secondary water supply in areas such as, table of liquid pressure, absolute pressure measuring control, can also be used for sealing leak detection equipment, is the ideal of industrialization at the scene of intelligent measurement and control instrument.

Features of PIONEER digital contact pressure gauge:

1. Four leds display, the reading is intuitive and clear.

2. Have the upper and lower limit setting and control function. Set the action points at any point in the full range of the meter, and set the upper and lower action points to a small distance.

3, good stability, temperature drift stability of 0.005 FS / ℃ (%) or less (0.2% FS/year)

4. Anti-emi design, suitable for harsh environment.

5, 4~20mA analogue signal, suitable for distant transmission.

6. The control points can be set arbitrarily, the panel is set to convenient operation, and the menu setting is simple and easy to use.

7. High precision: less than 0.1%FS (analog signal)/less than 0.5 (digital signal).

8. Optional rs232/485 communication interface.

9. High anticorrosion, application of SUS316L or ceramic diaphragm for wider range of application.

10. Pressure overload limiting signal processing.

11, benan explosion-proof.

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